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I'm of age. I'm of age, and Mother didn't come.

The Lurine floods sometimes. It's not so bad up here in the capital. I noticed the water was high, but it didn't seem bad. But further south, it creates a mess, and there was a storm in Vinton that washed out one of the roads. They should have it clear in a week, but by then it will be too late.

She was supposed to have arrived two days ago. When we didn't hear from her, Father asked at the stables, and they told him about the summer floods and the storm. Then I remembered the storm when I was ten, when I hid inside with her and we couldn't get honey for two weeks, so we had to make our supplies last, even though we could see the caravans waiting on the other side of the flood.

But the ceremony was good anyway. Father stood up and told a whole bunch of lords that I was his son and that I was entering my sixteenth year and therefore was considered an adult. Everyone cheered, and I got lots of little gifts of candy and dried meat and jewelry, most of which I didn't want to keep. But there was one thing, an armband with the crest of Vinton on it, that Father told me Mother had commissioned for me when she was up for Grandmother's funeral. So I think I will wear that.

Sinch came to the ceremony. He stayed hidden, but I saw him, and when I was up there during the ceremony, he stepped out of the shadow so I could see him smile. I looked for him after the ceremony, but he'd already left. Still, it was nice of him to come after all.

Father apologized for Haley, and told me I should have spoken up sooner. I said he wouldn't have to worry about that in the future, and that made him laugh. That kind of felt good. But then his wolf tried to be nice, and that kind of ruined things, though I think I didn't let on. I'd just put on the armband and I couldn't help it, I kept thinking that Mother should be here and not this big white wolf. I mean, when it's my turn to get married, I'm not going to be able to keep doing stuff with Sinch. I know he makes Father happy, but being a lord isn't about being happy, no matter what I thought about Haley. It's about doing the right thing for your people.

Master Ovile says if I know that, then I'm better off than half the lords we've studied in his history class. And now that I'm of age, I guess that's not such a bad place to be starting from.
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