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I can't remember when I've been this happy. It's after midnight and Sinch is asleep already but I can't keep my eyes closed. I'm not going to marry Haley!

Jinna came through for me. Well, I think it was a combination of that and me finally realizing that Father had never really talked to Haley the way I have. All my Diplomacy wasn't doing any good because he thought she was just quiet and shy, and whenever her parents talk about her they talk about how wonderfully she does in her lessons, only I knew that her lessons were all about sewing and the proper angle to hold your ears in the presence of the king, or a lord, and she's always getting that wrong anyway, not that father or anyone really stands on ceremony anymore. So I arranged for Haley to come over that evening, with Father around, and I asked her simple things I'd learned in Vinton, like who would come next in the Circle when King Pontion passes on, and how many different provinces are in Tephos, and what was the name of the river that passes through Divalia (which I never would have dreamed she didn't know except we were walking by it one night and she said, “it's so pretty, I wonder if it has a pretty name,” and I told her it was called the Sparklebell River, and that's what she told Father when I asked, and she giggled, too).

Then Jinna came back with one of the wolves from Lord Tistunish's court, and his land borders Dewanne and he knows the old lord, and he said that Dewanne is such an isolated city that the nobility there doesn't like foreigners and so if I were going to be lord, they would really only accept me if I married a local vixen. So that was something Father could tell her parents, because he didn't want to tell them that their daughter was so stupid that she might actually lose her way home if someone didn't walk her, and not just to the house but up the stairs into her bedroom. I didn't see a problem with that. If it was my daughter, I'd want to know. I even offered to use Diplomacy, but Father said he could manage. The only bad part of today is that he wouldn't let me be there when he told them.

So I went out tonight and celebrated with Sinch. The locusts are all over now, and Sinch doesn't like them, even when I grabbed one and offered it to him. He says they taste too bitter. That's what I like, though. And it's not like other mice don't eat them. They don't count as meat, so it's okay.

Now I just have to look forward to my coming-of-age. I'll enjoy it a lot more now Haley doesn't have to be there. Though it would've been nice to see Mother's reaction to her. Mother never liked any vixens, or any females, really, who couldn't think for themselves. I don't mind, though. I sure hope Mother will be proud of me.
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